Looking for the right place to sell your gift cards?

Sell your gift cards in Kansas City

Along with buying and selling gently used merchandise Alpha Pawn will also purchase those unwanted gift cards. Did you get one for a birthday? Maybe your employer gave you a gift card for doing an exceptional job at work. Whatever the reason cash generally can come in more useful than gift cards.


What kind of gift cards does Alpha Pawn buy?

Generally we buy gift cards from national retailers or chains, major brands, and popular retail stores.

How much does Alpha Pawn pay for gift cards?

Alpha Pawn will pay up to 60% of face value.

My gift card has less than $5 on it, will Alpha Pawn still buy it?

Yes, Alpha Pawn will buy gift cards with any value.

Will Alpha Pawn buy a gift card if the security pin is already scratched off?

Unfortunately at this time, Alpha Pawn cannot buy gift cards in which the security pin has been exposed.

How will I be paid for the gift cards I sell to Alpha Pawn?

Alpha Pawn pays cash for all transactions, including gift cards we purchase.

More questions about selling gift cards?

If you still have questions, please contact any of our three Kansas City area locations. One of our friendly pawn associates will be more than happy to assist in answering any questions.

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