About Alpha Pawn

Alpha Pawn is a specialty retailer that provides valuable financial services to the local community and sells previously enjoyed merchandise. Unlike “dingy” pawn shops of yesterday Alpha Pawn is modern, well lit, and clean. Our trained and certified employees will offer outstanding customer service, with dignity and respect.

Alpha Pawn offers customers the ability to borrow money quickly by leaving an item of value (such as jewelry, electronics, or firearms) as collateral. If the borrower fails to repay the loan, the pawn shop can sell the item to recover its money.

In addition to providing short-term loans, pawn shops can also serve as a retail outlet for used merchandise. This means that people can sell their unwanted items to the pawn shop in exchange for cash, and other people can buy those items at a discount.

The values of a pawn shop include:

Convenience: Pawn shops provide an easy and fast way to obtain cash when other options may not be available.

Flexibility: Pawn shops are willing to loan money on a wide variety of items, including items that may not be accepted as collateral by traditional lenders.

Confidentiality: Pawn shops typically do not require a credit check or income verification, so borrowers can maintain their privacy.

Bargains: Pawn shops offer customers the opportunity to purchase used items at a lower cost than retail prices.

Unique inventory: Since pawn shops specialize in used merchandise, they often have unique and one-of-a-kind items that cannot be found in traditional retail stores.

Recycling: Pawn shops give new life to unwanted items by buying and reselling them, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.